Advantages for YOU:

Decision Point Consulting provides your practice with an independent resource for:

  • Consultation on Advance Care Planning
  • Competency Assessments
  • Advocacy for conflicts within the Community and Government Support Systems
  • Intervention with difficult Family Dynamics

​​Decision Point Consulting, Inc. 

Attorneys, Financial Planners, Trust Officers and Healthcare Professionals

Whether you are professional working with clients who are attempting to plan in advance for long-term care, needing to obtain guardianship, trying to assess care needs, or managing a crisis, you may at times find yourself being asked to find answers to tough questions beyond your scope of expertise. At times like these, it is important for your clients to have confidence in their advisors.

Advantages for your CLIENTS:

Decision Point Consulting professional approach provides the following advantages to your  client:

  • Services are provided by a professional licensed clinical social worker.
  • Staff works with all ages, from children to the elderly, who are living with life-changing physical or mental illnesses.
  • Services are provided in the clients' own living environments, whenever possible.
  • Services are designed around developing a long-term plan for care and/or behavior management and providing assistance in the implementation and monitoring of the plan.


Legal + Financial + Medical

+ Case Management

Decision Point Consulting, Inc. will work with your clients' team of legal, financial, and medical advisors to provide integrated life planning services. 

Our experts have the training and experience to maximize your clients' quality of life during and after a health crisis, and to help maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your own services to your clients.